Project Description

7-11 Retail Store, LoDo, Denver, CO

This 7-11 Franchisee was looking for unique curb appeal for their store located near the LoDo (Lower Downtown) area of Denver.  The architect was able to use the design advantages of R-Control SIPs to create this attractive 7-11 Store.  A signage tower, along with high corner wall features were easily achieved using R-Control SIPs for this store.  Also, 7-11 corporate recently began a program of specifying energy efficient building products and systems for their franchisee’s retail stores.  The mutual goal of 7-11 corporate and their franchisees: design stores that achieve high marks for attractiveness, energy efficiency, durability and sustainability.  Structural Insulated Panels are the perfect building system to deliver these benefits.  Therefore, R-Control SIPs were selected for this LoDo Denver, CO store.  The structural design of the store employed steel columns, in-filled with structural R-Control SIPs to build the exterior, parapet and tower walls of the store.  R-Control SIPs then capped widely spaced open web steel joists to create the stores strong and energy efficient roof deck and ceiling.

R-Control SIPs are environmentally friendly.  The structural skins of R-Control SIPs are made from renewable wood resources, and the Foam-Control MPS with Perform Guard core is termite resistant, has stable high R-value, low global warming and ozone depletion potential, and is recyclable.

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